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Political & Union Printing

Minuteman Press is a Union Print Shop and a proud member of CWA

Minuteman Press Philadelphia is a proud member of the Communication Workers of America. With over 4 decades experience in political printing services, we are capable of producing political campaign needs under one roof. As we official union print shop of the Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia in 2016 we have sharpened our skills as the number one printer for all political campaigns in the region.

Our staff are proud Union members and we ensure that we practice responsible labor-management relations. We are a true one-stop print shop with the ability to print the union bug on all campaign materials like Business cards, door hangers, Palm Cards, Political Mailers, Banners, Campaign Yard Signs, Political posters, Political buttons, as wells as your T-Shirts.


Our workers are proud Union members and we ensure that Minuteman Press Philadelphia practices responsible labor-management relations.