Promotional Products

Give them the swag they really want.

Preparing for your next trade show? Or maybe you have a new promotion you really want to boost. Promotional products can get your prospects and customers singing your praises while spreading the word about your brand. Everyone likes something useful for free, and it’s a win for you when it carries your name and contact information. Promotional products have long been a great supplement to any company's marketing efforts. They can be distributed at events and corporate functions, and we can also assist in mailing them to your prospects along with your next postcard or brochure.

 When someone is walking out of your business, the best way to leave a lasting impression about your services is by giving them a useful item with your company’s name and contact information. This will make your business top of mind when it’s time to make a purchase.

These are the top 5 Promotional Items for your business

1.T-Shirts and Jackets

 People love T Shirts. Perhaps, way more than any other promotional item. So, if you love your business and want people to love you, free T Shirts is the way to go. It can come with your favorite design or information about your business on both sides.If you give out T Shirts, you’ll have walking billboards and your brand exposed at work, gyms, parties and supermarkets. Having your employees wear branded apparels show loyalty and pride and further brand

2. BackPacks and Tote Bags

 Imprinted tote bags and backpacks are great hits with most target audience. If they are reusable and environmental friendly, the value shoots up and your brand gets thumbs up. Tote Bags and Backpacks are reusable over and over again. Your business is advertised every time is used, why not tell everyone you are environmental friendly?

3. Writing Instruments

 If you are not giving out pens and other writing utensils to your customers, then you need to start today. The most commonly owned promotional products among all consumers are writing instruments. Pens also tend to travel, you will be surprised where your pen can end up when given to someone. Did you know the average pen has 8 owners in its lifetime? Giving out pens will help your target audience familiarize themselves with your logo, slogan, and contact information.

4. Desk Accessories

 Stress balls, Magnets, Ceramic Mugs, Mouse Pads you name it. Not only does it  create a visual appeal for customers, but it also serves as a great advertising medium for people to have your information nearby. These are reusable items that help in creating brand recognition. Just look at that mug your coworker is using for that coffee.

5. Power Banks

 All of a sudden, power banks is shooting to the top. People of all generation, not just millennials, are realizing power banks are a must have. Power banks meet most points in terms of price and portability and if you are looking at a cost effective way of reaching all generations, then this is the way to go. When Cell phones, ipods, ipads are about to die power banks are the life savers.